ISOI Accrediation Guidelines

Requirements for Diplomate

  • Eligibilty: Applicant should be a fellow of ISOI.

  • Fees and payment:Application fee is 11800/- for Indian Member and US 708 for Overseas Member ( inclusive of 18% GST). Cheques / Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of "ISOI ACCREDITATION FUND".

    • This is a non-refundable fee

  • Application Procedure: Completed application form  and fees are to be sent to the "Secretariat Office of the ISOI.” 

  • Use ONLY the PowerPoint template "ISOI Diplomate/ Fellowship.ppt" downadable from www.isoimplant.com for your case documentation.

  • Completed case documentation in PowerPoint format should be uploaded to isoi0050@gmail.com "Dropbox" only.

  • Requirement: 100 implant cases (with a minimum 10 full arch restorations and 5 cases cases of bone manipulation such as bone splitting, bone augmentation etc) with 1 year of clinical and radiographic follow-up have to be submitted for consideration by the Accreditation Committee of ISOI.

  • Documentation should cover a diversity of cases like single tooth restoration, multiple teeth restorations, distal-extension restoration and should include at least 10 cases of full arch restorations, both removable and fixed.

  • The applicant should also have some paper presentation or publication to his credit- proof of this should be sued along with the application.

  • The presentation must be uploaded min 60 days ( SIXTY DAYS ) before the upcoming annual conference.

  • The accreditation committee will scrutinize the application received after the last date of application (60 days prior to the conference), after which the ISOI office will communicate with all the applicants regarding the outcome.

Application Form & Case Files:

Diplomates of ISOI

Dr. Adhiya Harshad Mumbai
Dr. Sathe Sanjay
Dr. Milan Haria
Dr. Doctor N.K. Mumbai
Dr. Shanbhag Vivek
Dr. Cheryl Lourenco
Dr. Lourenco Savio Goa
Dr. Shetty Ajit
Dr. G. K. Gupta
Dr. Mascarenhas Glenn Mumbai
Dr. Anil Bhide
Dr. Hemanshu Mehta
Dr. Mirza Firoz D. Mumbai
Dr. G. Rathinakumar
Dr. Milind Atre

Diplomates of the Other Conference

Mumbai Conference 2013
Chennai Conference 2014
Mangalore Conference 2015
Dr. Paresh Kale Dr. Rajiv S. Khosla Dr. Abhay Arvind Lotlikar
Dr. Komal Majumdar Dr. Sachin Dugad Dr. Abhishek Shah
Dr. Aliasger Tunkiwala Dr. Amit Gupta Dr. Amol D. Thorat
Dr. Shivendu Darshan Parulkar   Dr. Nikhil V. Jain
Dr. Amit Gulati    
Banglore Conference 2017
  Dr. Dhruv Arora  
  Dr. Prashant Hatkar  
  Dr. Rajesh Jambure  
  Dr. Viral Parikh  
  Dr. Sagar Shah